Pure Imagination Casting

Well done to all who auditioned.

We are pleased to announce the following solo parts:


Just Arrived - Danniela Surrage, Melanie Little & Linda Sanford


Pure Imagination - Nathan Drake


Vilia - Jill Baxter


The Grisettes Song- Pat Drywood



The Dolls Song - Emma Valentine


Before the Parade Passes By & Hello Dolly - Jacquie Walker-Kemp


Just You Wait 'Enry 'Iggins - Justine Foster


Almost Like Being In Love - David Mossman & Pat Drywood


There But For You Go I - Nathan Drake


Gershwin Medley -


Somebody Loves Me - Jacquie Rogers


Someone to Watch Over Me - Sarah Miles


Summertime - Maggie Cannon & David Paine


I'm Biding My Time - Liam Ferrier


Grease Medley -


Those Magic Changes - Luc Humphries


Beauty School Dropout - Danniela Surrage


I Know Him So Well - Jodie Gower & Tanya Ackleton


The Rhythm of Life - TBC


Last Night of the World - Stephen Foster & Sally Reynolds


Bui Doi - Drayson Goldfinch & Stephen Foster


Popular - Amy Bevan


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Mike Kendrick, Steve Porter & David Paine


What I Did For Love - Rhea Humphries


Andrew Lloyd Webber Medley -


Memory - Pam Hayfield


Unexpected Song - Drayson Goldfinch & Maggie Cannon


Think of Me - Sarah Miles, Steve Porter, Pam Hayfield & Stephen Foster