Technical Rehearsal - Fiddler on the Roof


TECH REHEARSAL - We have a lot to get through tonight, here is the running order. We are going to top and tail most of the dialogue.


Sound Check


Top n tail pg 5-8

Run Page 9 dialogue into Matchmaker through to Scene change (music 3a)

page 12 dialogue to practice with cart

Cut If I Were A Rich Man

Top n tail pg 15-18

Run page 19 for scene change (music 4a)

Skip pages 20-22

Run page 23 into Sabbath Prayer through to scene change (music 5a)

Run page 25 into To Life into scene change and Tevye & Lazar's auditorium entrance

Run to bottom of page 34

Top n tail pages 35-41

Run Tevye's Monologue to the bottom of page 43

Top n tail Miracle of Miracles through to scene change into Tevye's bedroom

Run all of The Dream and following scene change

Run pages 52-54

Skip pages 55-56

Run scene change into The Wedding

Top and Tail Sunrise Sunset

Run Bottle Dance

Top n Tail pages 59-63

Run Music #17 Wedding Dance 2 to end of Act 1


Top n tail prologue - top of page 72

Run Tevye's Rebuttal - page 73

Run Do You Love Me and following scene change

Run The Rumour

Run page 79 - 81

Top and tail pg 82-86

Run pg 86 scene change

Run pg 87 Chava Sequence

Skip pg 89-92

Run Anatevka to End


walk downs